Codes Of Consciousness

By Angelica Grant
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Here is where the structure of life, is broken, to form a new existence, without judgment or attachment, where it doesn’t matter what culture or religion you are, and where you have to unlearn in order to access to your higher self-power, to become one with the universe of Consciousness. This book is loaded with Codes of Consciousness, which will help you to wake up; you cannot see this with the naked eyes, because they are made of energy, magic, and poetry.

“I’m polishing myself and bringing out the true shine, the cosmic diamond that dwells within me.”

About the Author

Chaplain Angelica Grant is a nature and animal lover, and the earth, planets, and stars fascinate her. She is able to work in environments others cannot, such as hospice and emergency rooms. Grant enjoys playing like a child, horses, and working out. Her love of writing began with poetry when she was nine years old.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30