Coal Dust Dreamer: Looking Back On Kentucky With Poetry And Photos

By Jim Dorris with Photos Velma L. Dorris
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In Coal Dust Dreamer, author Jim Dorris is able to captivate readers with his experiences in Western Kentucky during the late 1940s, 50s and early 60s. By examining his thoughts and feelings through poetic and photographic snapshots, Dorris gives readers the opportunity to imagine a simpler time.

Nostalgia is a present theme throughout this book, especially within the photographs, which were all taken by the authors mother. Although a unique phenomenon at the time, Dorris mother captured life through taking photographs and developing them for future generations. Dorris has used these photographs and his poetry throughout Coal Dust Dreamer, hoping that readers will rediscover a part of their past, whether or not they were reared in Kentucky.

About the Authors:

Author Jim Dorris is a retired university professor who grew up in Providence, Kentucky. After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 1966, he left the commonwealth to seek his fortune (hes still looking). Dorris currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Velma L. Dorris grew up as a country girl in Western Kentucky as the daughter of Jim and Grady Lovan. She worked hard all of her life, but found time for John, her kids, parakeets and photographs, which she took and developed herself. Some of these photos appear in this book.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 80