Clouds Over Okotoks

By H. Lee Disher
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Clouds Over Okotoks

Clouds Over Okotoks explores one young mans path in pursuit of his inmost desire. Family, friends, the people of Okotoks, the rodeo community, the province of Alberta, geography, and religion all have a share in Tyler Stedmans determination and spirit, either in supportive favor or with precaution and fear. These are ordinary people leading what seem to be ordinary lives, but the extraordinary and that which is special and precious happen. Clouds Over Okotoks is, ultimately, a celebration of the spirit of the Canadian West.

About the Author:

H. Lee Disher was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has been a minister of the United Church of Canada since 1977 and currently resides in Grand Bend and London, Ontario. He is married to Diamond Fotiadis and has one daughter, Jessica, from a previous marriage. He likes to travel, play golf, solve cryptic crosswords puzzles, and sing. He is a qualified Spiritual Director.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 322