Closer To The Truth

By Karen Griego-Martinez
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Ever since she was a little girl, Karen Griego-Martinez knew she had to tell her mother’s story. Turned out her mother’s story was evolved from learning disability, mental illness, and domestic violence. Karen’s story is incredibly interesting because her mother’s story was unique in that she was given to her auntie to be raised, so her entire life she lived with severe abandonment and trust issues.

No one knew her underlying mental illness issues or her learning disabilities, that if she was treated for and had proper counseling, she would have led a productive and solid life, that her children might not have suffered so severely. It is a fine example of untreated mental illness that does trickle down. On top of that, she somehow survived years of domestic violence by her husband, Karen’s father. But her relationships with other lovers after that could never be healthy and the relationships between her and her children were always ripped apart, never healthy.

Karen’s mother could have conquered the world. She wasn’t a dumb woman, she was a misunderstood soul. Her beauty was beyond most. She had class and style on the outside but on the inside of her mind was what was dark and she suffered. They all suffered. Read Closer to the Truth, a story about mental health and disabilities and the true nature that millions of Americans go untreated every year, every day. This is her memoir for all who know her, for all who knew her mother.

About the Author

Karen Griego-Martinez wrote this book completely coming from what she knows. What she has lived. What she has seen. A very wise person told her to write what she knows. So she did.

Karen has lived in New Mexico her entire life. She’s happily married to the love of her life and together they are raising two beautiful daughters that she is very proud of. She’s done and been many things in her life. She doesn’t hold a Ph.D. or any fancy degrees, but theatre, music, and entertainment are her passion. Writing scripts and casting and scoring for films has been a lifelong dream for her. She’s a diamond in the rough.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 152