City School

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By Margaret Sawyer

Experience a visceral and vivid glimpse at a high school teen’s school day through the lens of Margaret Sawyer’s camera, who was privileged to witness once again what that four-year journey looked and felt like, this time from an adult’s perspective. 

In her collection of photographs, Sawyer captures the fundamental human experience of growing up and beginning to understand who you are.

About the Author

Margaret Sawyer went back to Bard College to get an MFA in photography when she was 50 years old and obtained her first high school teaching job at age 65. Prior to her schooling and teaching, she worked for a number of newspapers and non-profit organizations.

Most of her earlier years were spent living and traveling overseas with her USAF husband, where they were stationed first in Southeast Asia and the Philippines, then Germany. While in Germany, Sawyer learned darkroom photography at the Leighton Barracks Army facility in Weurzburg, which employed a darkroom staff of expert German technicians to assist and train anyone from the base who wanted to develop and print pictures. 

After their stay in Germany, the couple moved through Europe and Africa to California and finally home to Connecticut. 

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 142