City Life

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About the Book

In City Life, CC portrays images of youth, despair, and the intrinsic challenges one endures as a member of society. Repetitious and rhythmic words flow from page to page, as if the author was channeling the energy of a city. In The Frightened Society, CC questions the robotic behavior of the introverted people who live within the walls of what we call the city. Were strangers yet neighbors. How could
this be when all we want is to be happy and free?
Yet grief has sucked our energy away.
Robotic in nature we are today.
In Married to a Single Life, aspects describing a single persons daily routine are examined oxymoronically, reiterating that even though a single person is free to do whatever he or she pleases, the underlying fact is they are alone: The mystery and joy that passion does
bring gives loneliness yet another sting.
Free to go, free to play, free to choose,
but alone you lay.

About the Author

City Life was written by the author as a work that portrays a wide range of observation and thought.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 68