Christopher Columbus

By Layne Meyers
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Half a millennium has passed since Christopher Columbus reshaped the globe from a three continent, one ocean world to a spherical revolution of a transoceanic movement of cultures, countries, and heritage. A Genoa native with an early interest in sailing, he became one of the most significant figures in all the world. This miraculous story of Christopher Columbus is to be told from his time and perspectives and not through a false narrative of today’s privileges presiding over fact. From Aristotle to Plato providing foresight and sense of direction to Ptolemy and Marco Polo presenting the Heavens and landscapes we can now better understand the motives of his decisions and actions as well as his spiritual ambitions.

As a passenger on a Columbus Caravel, you’ll witness first-hand the navigational fortitude that led him away from visibility of the shores and into the uncharted horizon. His attained knowledge of the Atlantic trade winds which propelled him to the new world, seafaring instruments and gauges that Columbus relied upon that showed him direction, speed and latitude of his vessels, and the tactical wit that promoted his tenure of being crowned as “Admiral of the Ocean Sea.”

About the Author

Layne Meyers studied Political Science at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. A husband to an illustrious wife and librarian at the local elementary schools, and father of three active children that have allowed him to position himself at the school’s recreation department while coaching baseball, basketball, football, and golf. Layne and his family reside in a small community in Southeast Wisconsin where he continues working to his passion of American History.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 106