Christlike Or Christless

By Sylvia Bruce
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Christlike or Christless

In Christlike or Christless, Sylvia Bruce shares her personal journey of faith and discusses ways Christians can do and think like Christ. Bruce shares insights into the ways readers can walk a closer path to Jesus and make better choices to offer God honor, glory, and praise. Christlike or Christless asks us to consider our habits and really ask whether we act for God or for ourselves.

About the Author

Sylvia Bruce describes herself as an uneducated hillbilly from Arkansas, though she lives in Oklahoma with her two children. Twice widowed, she attributes all she has in this world to God and His goodness, which allows her to spend her retirement visiting senior citizens in nursing homes and advocating for those with mental illness or struggling with addiction. Bruce and her children love their church and embrace God as the center of their universe.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 50