Chocolate And Her Meow

By Patricia Parrott Thompson
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About the Book

Chocolate and her Meow

Ms. Sweetstuff and her cat Chocolate are inseparable. But when the time comes for Ms. Sweetstuff to find a new home, it proves to be a most difficult task indeed. Determined to keep Chocolate with her and knowing that some people would not want cats, dogs, or children, Ms. Sweetstuff carries Chocolate in her satchel. Once inside a brownstone, she knows she must keep Chocolates presence hidden. But can a sweet and playful cat stay hidden for long? And what will happen if the stern landlord, Miss Stinger, finds out? Chocolate and Her Meow tells the tale of this precious cat and her ability to win hearts, soothe tensions, and make herself a part of the family.

About the Author

Patricia Parrott Thompson attended the University of Dayton as well as Miner Teachers College in her native Washington, D.C. She taught basic skills to illiterate soldiers at Fort Ord Army Base at Monterey, California, and to adults in Washington, D.C. She also taught Pre-School and Kindergarten in Plainfield, New Jersey, and retired from teaching in 1993. Her interests include reading and traveling. She is also an award winning authors for her poem I Am So Lovely. The children acted the poem out. She also has two sons.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 26