Chloe The Dog Daydreams

By Renee Nahlous
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About the Book

Chloe the Dog Daydreams is a collection of stories that centers on the titular character. From piloting a plane to being an artist to giving sold-out rock concerts to delivering Christmas presents, Chloe does it all! Before the manuscript is over, she will also envision herself as a model, a teacher, a pupparazzi, a talk show host, and a bride, among other things.

Several aspects of Chloe the Dog Daydreams could help to boost its appeal. First, the humor and clever word play the author employs throughout the manuscript could delight young readers. Yet these stories have an underlying conscience as wellChloe continually helps her poor and hungry four-legged friends, and the text emphasizes the importance of caring for the less fortunate. Parents could appreciate the way that Nahlous conveys this valuable lesson to their children in Chloe the Dog Daydreams. The manuscript could also inspire young readers to use their imagination and not be afraid to dream big.

About the Author

Renee Nahlous loves telling bedtime stories to her grandchildren, Francesca and Giovanni, that contain the underlying messages of love and helping others. It was with this in mind that she created Chloe the Dog Daydreams, with its message of helping those less fortunate. For eighteen years, Nahlous was the owner of The French Urn, a well known and loved home furnishings store in her hometown of The Woodlands, Texas. The French Urn provided home design services well known for its great brick-and-mortar store as well as the work done on most of the high-end homes in the area.

A native of Houston, Ms. Nahlous and her husband, George, are parents to two daughters, Monique and Nicole, and grandparents to the aforementioned Francesca and Giovanni. She has participated in the local Junior League holiday shows where she has sold one-of-a-kind signed santas with vintage fur and jewelry, and has been part of the same Bunco group for twenty-five years. Chloe the Dog Daydreams is her first published work.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 32