Chloe’S Gift

By Pamela Susan Gourlie
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Young Chloe tells her mother she wrote a letter to God, asking for a very specific doll. The doll must have a pink dress, a dog, and be able to sing, among other attributes. Her mother encourages her to have faith that God will provide, but as the weeks go by, there is no sign of the doll.

It is nearly Chloes birthday when her mother spots the exact doll in a shop window. She pays nearly three times what she had planned, just to make her little girls birthday special. Chloe is thrilled to receive the doll but soon puts her in the back of her closet. When her mother expresses dismay, Chloe tearfully tells her she is afraid something will happen to her new doll. Her mother comforts her, reminding her that God has given her a gift and means for her to enjoy it and rely on Him when problems arise.

Chloes Gift encourages readers to rest in the love God has for them and to enjoy His gifts.

About the Author

Pamela Susan Gourlie resides in Geneva, Ohio, with her husband, James, and they have two grown children, Aaron and Amber. Pamela enjoys writing, reading, scrapbooking, photography, and decorative painting. She is a member of the Gateway Church, sings on a praise team, is a member of womens ministries, and teaches a young womens group about relationships.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 36