Children And Adolescents Need To Be Accepted By Society

By Maria de Salazar
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Children and Adolescents Need to Be Accepted by Society covers a wide range of social issues, including the neglect of homeless children, political conflicts in Nicaragua and the United States, and the current plight of the modern-day criminal. Solutions to alleviating these problems come forth in de Salazars simple yet heartfelt call for action. With enough donated money and genuine societal concern, de Salazar believes the world has the potential to live in complete harmony, eventually wiping out the very existence of the criminal. This grassroots approach will leave readers questioning their place in society, sparking a fervent desire to become involved in the betterment of humankind. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Nicaragua, Maria Lourdes Vargas de Salazar currently lives in Florida. She is a dressmaker and has a background education in media. In her spare time, Maria enjoys reading. She was inspired to write Children and Adolescents Need to Be Accepted by Society by a desire to help solve childrens problems.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 100