Chickadee Like Me

By Holly Kerr-Fernandez
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Baby chickadee is full of curiosity about the world, and he grills mama bird relentlessly, as children are wont to do. As the story unfolds, you may unintentionally learn interesting facts about life in the forest, especially among our feathered friends. With a message of diversity, each creature has a special purpose or gift to share with others. The entire story is written in verse, making for an enjoyable read, with fun facts about each “neighbor,” whether near or far. The author hopes Chickadee Like Me leaves the reader with an appreciation for hospitality and tolerance toward others; how we can live together in peace and harmony.

About the Author

Holly Kerr-Fernandez grew up in Seattle and studied music and biology, volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium, and enjoyed hiking and camping in the great outdoors. Then, after earning a brown belt in karate, she worked in Alaska offloading crab and salmon boats, where she met her husband, Daniel. She moved to San Diego with his family and studied medical transcription to help raise their five children. Now retired, she spends time in church liturgy, writing poetry and walking her beloved dogs.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 30