Chess Revolution

By Richard Moody
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Although chess has been played for more than a thousand years, there is still much to be discovered. Richard Moody helps fill that void with Chess Revolution, which looks at a wide range of strategies, including an in-depth look at Magic, arguably the best odds game ever played. Moody also puts forward a complete overhaul of King Pawn openings and the King’s Indian Defense and asks readers to further consider the Evans Gambit, Ng5 in the Two Knights Defense, the Latvian Gambit, and other openings. He introduces readers to the concept of Universal Positions and a new school of chess called the Universal System, a.k.a. the Universal Attack. Chess Revolution has a depth of content that will satisfy serious chess players.

About the Author

Thirty-five years ago, Richard Moody set out to become the top chess theoretician of all time. He has studied chess for six to ten hours a day since then and enlisted the aid of a variety of top chess professionals, most notably grandmaster Lev Alburt. He has written four books about chess and more than a dozen articles for various chess magazines.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 324