Chesapeake City Public Schools: The Poster Child For Bad Government At Every Level

By Barry Marsh
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About the Book

After living with corruption for thirty years, one would definitely have enough.

Pressured by the economic status in the 1980s, the author decided to be a technician job despite being over-qualified for it. But he had never foreseen that he was putting himself and his career into the challenge of seeing the everyday narcissism, arrogance, and despotism of the people in that public school.

Knowing that he was on the right side, he always spoke for the truth and for his own virtues. He always made sure that the higher-ups were informed of the mistakes in procedures and in management. But he never expected everything to go down on him; one day, he found himself the object of collusion by the management.

Chesapeake City Public Schools: The Poster Child for Bad Government, by Barry I. Marsh, gives an idea about, and an example of, the corruption that takes place in various levels of government.

About the Author

Barry I. Marsh was born in Norfolk, Virginia, but grew up in central Florida where his family stayed for ten years before moving back to Virginia. He studied to become a mechanic and worked part-time as an auto mechanics teacher at Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology. He is still working for the Transportation Department at Chesapeake Schools to this day.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 118