Chantilly Lace

By Kaye Dion
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One chilly autumn morning in 1893, Victoria Ashley and Charles Reginald Winthrop III meet on a cobblestone street in Montpelier, Vermont. Reginald is fifteen years older than Victoria and dashing, debonair, and worldly. The young and beautiful Victoria is charmed by this tall, dashing stranger. A smoldering romance evolves, and Reginald proposes marriage. Victoria makes all the arrangements, but several weeks before the wedding date, Reginald meets a lady of culture in New York and calls off the wedding. Victoria eventually recovers from this devastating news and succeeds in a lucrative writing career. In her later years, as her royalties start to dwindle, Victoria is forced to sell her lovely country home. After a final trip to her attic, she finally gets to wear the beautiful wedding dress that Reginald had made for her out of imported Chantilly Lace.

About the Author

A resident of Whittier, California, Kaye Dion is a retired licensed vocational nurse who enjoys gardening and creative writing. She is a tutor in English, math, science, and writing. A mother of two sons, Raymond and Darrin Hammond, Kaye Dion is grateful to her friend T.P., who launched her into the joyous world of writing. She says she would have been paralyzed by the fear of failure, but T.P. convinced her she would not fail.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 42