Challengers: Challengers

By Anita V Moran
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Katherine (Kit) Ballas Williams was nearly beaten to death as a child, but Will Patricks, a boy from her neighborhood, took some of the blows and saved her life. Kit was then sent to live with her grandfather, a cold, unfeeling man, and Will thought he would never see her again.

Years later, as Kit reaches the age of eighteen, she frees herself from her grandfather’s strict and overbearing household and returns to her hometown to uncover the secrets of her past. Will, now a police officer, makes it his duty to look after her as she stumbles through a tense relationship with her mother, criminal boyfriends, and learning the truth about her father. But as Kit and Will continue to get closer, a spark between them is ignited, and they learn to traverse their challenges in life together.

About the Author

Anita V Moran has been a cook at Jack-in-the-Box, a federal researcher for thirty-five years, an emergency vet technician, an American Iris Society judge and board member. She hybridizes irises and daylilies, is an environmental engineer, and a mother to three sons. Through it all, Moran has been writing for as long as she can remember. All through her life stories filled her mind and she only shared them with those closest to her. Only recently has Moran decided to share her work outside her circle.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 174