Catlorian: Savon'El

By R. L. Pool
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Wanted: Persons of skill and daring to undertake, for gain and adventure, a quest for knowledge. So comes the summons from within Catlorian. From all around the call is answered, each adventurer with a unique motivation to seek treasure, revenge, andabove alltruth.

Coincidence brought them togetheror was it the Fates? Now, they must depend on each other for their success, for their survival, and for the good of the worlds around them. Nothing is ever as it seems in Catlorian, and nothing is ever simple.

And, as the strangely mixed group begins to find out, everyone has their own secret.

About the Author

R. L. Pool spent twenty-two years in the U.S. Army, as well as twenty-six years in government service as a metrology technician. During his time in the military, Pool participated in local archery tournaments. It was during his last tour that this book was born. Pool is from Texas.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 666