Castle Fehn

By Mary Jeffredo
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Imagine having a conversation with none other than mother Earth herself! That’s exactly what happens to Sarah Martin and Todd Cunningham, ten-year-old cousins who share a summer they will never forget! Todd and Sarah build a castle and soon a three-foot tall, clay and adobe, medieval citadel stands beneath the branches of Methuselah, the ancient oak tree in the Martin’s backyard.

On a mission of great importance, a band of elves moves into the castle and, after teaching the children to dream walk, takes them on a breathtaking adventure into the distant reaches of our universe. Here they meet the beautiful Elohima and experience the energy of The Matrix, the source of all life. But their joy and laughter turn to shock and dismay when they return to Earth for they discover the planet darkened by plague and destruction – the effects of the Homonite, the deadly creature that now resides inside Earth. 

Saddened by what they see, and now aware of a possible future of Earth, Todd and Sarah vow to realign their lives in order to not only live in harmony with Earth but to take on the assignment of teaching others the importance of healing our planet. 

About the Author

 Mary Jeffredo was born in Los Angeles, California. By the time she was six years old her family left the city and moved to the country. Living in the wide-open spaces of Simi Valley brought a whole new dimension to her life, cultivating a new and growing love for our beautiful planet.

Jeffredo married and became a mother to four children, all of whom she successfully represented in Hollywood where she worked as a set mother and talent agent. Her passion for reading, her imagination, and her education and training as a minister in later life inspired her magical and moral stories for children. Her love of Earth and her faith in humankind shines through.

 Jeffredo now writes from her home at the foot of Colorado’s beautiful Pike’s Peak Mountain where she lives with her two adorable and very sassy cats.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 164