Cassy's Raw And Uncut Thoughts

By Casandra Bailey
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Cassy's Raw and Uncut Thoughts: Poems, Prayers, and Short Stories

Cassy's Raw and Uncut Thoughts is a compilation of Casandra Bailey’s experiences and spiritual growth in the form of poems, prayers, and short stories. Inspiration was all around Bailey in the form of her loved ones, strangers, nature, as well as her emotions and feelings as she experienced love, loss, and happiness. Bailey feels her experiences with full emotion and shares them here with you.

About the Author

Casandra Bailey has always been interested in different arts and cultures. She used to draw, play the viola, and dance ballet and modern. She has a love for different languages. Bailey taught herself sign language so she can communicate with her baby niece.

Bailey graduated with a bachelor's in science in marketing management with a minor in computer information systems. She even participated in cheerleading for a few semesters.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 94