Casey Lou Aka Super Dog

By David Kitta
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Casey the shelter pup is the smartest dog David has ever had. After the loss of his previous dog, David and his family adopted Casey, and she brought joy into their lives once again. This book is her story.

A book of life lessons and love, Casey Lou AKA Super Dog is perfect for children and dog lovers alike. Through this story, author D. W. Kitta reminds us that, in today’s world, we sometimes have to say no to our children. We don’t always get what we want just because we want it, and that’s okay.

About the Author

D. W. Kitta has been married for over thirty years and has one son. Kitta and his wife work at their local food bank, attend their church on a regular basis, and are always willing to help someone in need. In his spare time, Kitta enjoys reading, writing, storytelling, and woodworking. His other hobbies include traveling, boating, fishing, and scuba diving.

Kitta is a self-described lover of all animals. Over the years, he has had so many dogs of all breeds that he could barely count them all. Kitta has also had sheep, cows, goats, opossum, a great number of cats, and even a pet raccoon and chicken.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 38