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By: Rebecca Linquist

In this "coming of age" journey, Daniel Heller is a recent MBA graduate, finding his way in the world, when he meets Anna. He is taken in by her tenacity, commitment, beauty, and resilience, but he soon discovers there is more to her than meets the eye. Anna is a vehement vegan with convictions and aspirations, or so it seems; it's just not overtly obvious to Daniel who she really is. He embarks on a journey to discover his own professional strengths and conquer the inevitable challenges he encounters while balancing his love life, his interest in this woman of mystery, and his own ambitions. As he struggles to decipher what veganism is, how it affects him, and whether or not he should take an opportunity to market prime meats in NYC for a private equity firm, he brushes up against his own values, obsession for Anna, and what's really important to him. Ultimately, he must cope with reality and the ramifications of his choices.

About the Author

Rebecca Linquist lives on the Central Coast of California near Pismo Beach. She recently began exploring fiction writing, which has been a life-long ambition that she is delighted to have finally found the time and energy to pursue. While Rebecca has lived in the US her entire life, she has traveled internationally and lived on the east coast as well as the Midwest prior to moving to the west coast, where she has spent the majority of her career as an executive speech, accent, and presence coach in the Silicon Valley. Her passion is to write engaging stories that have that "page turner" quality surrounding modern day themes like veganism, excessively high health care costs, and divisive politics. Rebecca shares her perspective while also striving to incorporate a variety of diverse takes on hot topics through the use of provocative dialogue, unexpected plot twists, and innovative nuance that set her works apart from a "typical" read. Her plan is to learn as she writes through research, decisive probing, and thought-provoking conversation.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 142