By Dave Spear
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About the Book

Carlson is a terse and fast-paced novel that recounts the saga of a close-knit, powerful Texas family. For almost two hundred years, a mystical eagle has selected the leadership of the family, and their enterprises have flourished. Naval Master Chief Petty Officer J.K. Long is the current head, and his work aboard the USS Carlson leads him and his family into international intrigue. Dave Spear has created two spellbinding stories in a single book. One focuses on the strength of leadership that grows from doing the right thing and expecting the same from others. The second develops the timeless battle of courage in opposition to evil, in this case the brutal and destructive power of an international drug cartel. Throughout Carlson intriguing characters and a suspenseful narrative combine to create a vivid and memorable page-turner that will leave readers anxious for more.

About the Author

Dave Spear is a native of Texas and currently divides his time between California and Switzerland. He and his wife, Elgie, have two grown children. Mr. Spear holds an MBA in international business and is employed as the director of special projects for Leica Geosystems. In his free time, the author enjoys indulging his love of sailing.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 152