Caring For Your Friend With Dementia

By Jo Ann Rosenfeld, M.D.
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It can be very difficult to see the beginning signs of dementia in one of our loved ones. We may not know just if and when they require assistance beyond our control.

Caring for Your Friend with Dementia is direct advice for a person caring for a person with dementia. It also includes medical thoughts that Dr. Rosenfeld gives to her patients, is readable in a few hours, and is medical, but few have any ideas about what they are getting into.

About the Author

Jo Ann Rosenfeld, M.D., is an American Academy of Family Medicine Board certified family physician with 42 years’ experience. She graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and finished a residency at Case Western Reserve University Hospitals. She has practiced inner-city and rural health. One of her first interests was Women’s Health and she published 6 textbooks on women’s health with Cambridge University Press, after more than 60 research articles. She was Professor of Family Medicine at East Tennessee State University and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She now spends time in private practice, palliative and hospice care, and pain management. She lives in Northern California.

Published: 2021
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