Captain Color Vs. The Pigment Pirates

By Dennis Gebhart
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Like most hairdressers upon their recent Beauty School graduation, Dennis Gebhart believed he learned everything there is to know about the profession. It was only a short time when he discovered he was not as informed as he should be and set out for more education, information, and the pieces he needed to master the craft. Now, forty-plus years after his journey began, he records his findings and lessons in an easy-to-read guide on mastering hair color and being the best stylist you can be. Gebhart challenges the many belief systems and marketing stories that have confused colorists for ages and “rocks the boat” of conventional thinking, confronting misinformation and setting new hair colorists on a better path of understanding, clear thinking, and success in their careers.

About the Author

Dennis Gebhart is one of a handful of salon professionals who holds a license as a cosmetologist and a barber in addition to a degree in chemistry. Gebhart’s career has spanned almost five decades, and he has had the great fortune to travel around the world, sharing his love and passion for hair color. He has taught in over seventeen different counties. Besides working in his salon with his wife, he maintains and operates a non-branded educational company, GuruNation, which offers educational programs for salon professionals online, in-person, and prerecorded webinars. When his colleagues ask him when he plans to retire, he simply states, “I live by the Vincent Van Gogh motto.” When asked about the motto, he responds, “I would rather die from my passion than die from boredom.”

Gebhart shares his home with his wonderful wife Slyvia and their two Newfoundland dogs. 

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 190