Can You Believe, 3 Generations Live In The Same Apartment?

By Sydney Pruitt-Fraser
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And They Are All Females Except Me!

In Sydney Pruitt-Fraser’s Can You Believe, 3 Generations Live In The Same Apartment?, she portrays generational living, giving and providing love and developmentally appropriate experiences to children despite the makeup of the accepted father/mother traditional family setting. Douglas is the author’s first grandchild, and if she had to provide a home for her daughter and grandson, she was prepared to do so. Her living environment included then the care of her own mother and daughters, Brett and Hope. They enjoyed providing for and loving Douglas and he knew it.

There are many different kinds of family settings. The important element in any is to let there be love. Sydney Pruitt-Fraser’s intentions are to write two more books on the experiences of her grandson growing up in New York City.

About the Authors

Sydney Pruitt-Fraser is a retired Early Childhood Education Consultant from the Department of Health, Bureau of Daycare in the city of New York. She has extensive experience in early childhood education, supervision, training and evaluation. Sydney Pruitt-Fraser is now an independent consultant for many infant and preschool Head Start programs.

Published: 2019
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