Cammy The Incredible!

By Patrick J. Shead
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Cammy the Incredible! And Cammy in Time?

The adventures of Cammy and her friends and family continue in this installment. More action, love, thrills, struggles, and doing the incredible. Every obstacle imaginable that life has is thrown at her and Cammy must find a way to not just overcome but to succeed as a TV star, celebrity, friend, and lover as well as a good person. She gets a second chance at a family role she thought was lost. Through it all, Cammy has to be more than she is in every way possible to become… Cammy the Incredible!

About the Author

Patrick J. Shead has many roles including those of a father, husband, brother, cousin, son, and friend. He aspires that one of those roles can be beloved author that connects to his readers through Cammy’s story. Hopefully her story gives you courage and the faith in yourself to follow your dreams to the fullest.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 206