Cameo Iii

By J. Dowler Martin
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When Jenny thwarts a teenager’s attempt to steal a woman’s purse during an ordinary day at the mall, she has no idea that this one selfless act will catapult her into the center of a murder mystery. A mysterious but kindly Mr. Stearns appears on her doorstep that night, explaining his position as the woman’s attorney and thanking her for her courage in stopping the thief.

When Mr. Stearns inexplicably commits suicide shortly after, a baffled Jenny finds herself working alongside Nicholas, one of the United States’ top secret agents, as Nicholas sets out to prove Mr. Stearns’ death was not a suicide, as a personal favor to the President of the United States. But this task soon proves more dangerous—and more deadly—than either could possibly imagine. Solving this case will require impossible cunning and courage, while the fate of the United States hangs in the balance.

About the Author

J. Dowler Martin pursued a PhD in political science at NTSU in the early 1970s.

She became interested in the effect that affluent individuals have on government decision-making at the local, city, state, and international levels. Her interest in this relationship prompted her to write this novel about an international cartel of industrialists who control much of the world’s economy. Martin is interested in politics and enjoys mystery and suspense novels.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 220