Cameo Choices

By Tamara L. Knowles
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Cameo Choices is a collection of short stories retelling the stories of minor, and a few major, female persons mentioned in the Old Testament that I, as the author, consider to have been the age the modern world labels as teenagers. Each story is told with the teen girls as the center of the story, its focus. Telling of what happened, I then show how the trials those girls faced are, in essence, the trials and dilemmas teen girls still face today. Taking those examples, I also added Biblical Scripture to encourage today’s teens how to handle those same issues in their own lives.

In each story, I have strived to portray those girls whose lives and stories of what happened so long ago (as told in the Bible) as living, real persons who hurt and made good and bad decisions as we still do today. I want to show the relevancy of scripture in not only their personal lives, but our lives today. To be honest, this book has also resonated with anyone related to, who works with, or knows teen girls too, for it offers verses and counsel how to handle some of life’s crises in teen girl’s lives.

About the Author

Tamara L. Knowles is a missionary kid who grew up in Kenya, East Africa. She can picture how the girls lived so long ago, because much of the third world of her youth is very similar—even to the herds of goats and sheep and strings of camels winding their way through the desert! Working with teens has been her delight and pleasure, first as a youth leader for over twenty-five years, but currently Knowles works as a substitute teacher in the local junior high and high school. It’s a good thing, because she and her husband have been blessed with seven children, and currently the youngest two are teens. She’s walked through that stage of life with five others! Always she has loved to read; writing a good story is one step better! But the creative process is a gift from God, and it is the desire of her life that all she does will glorify Him and edify others. Currently Knowles lives in Brunswick, Maine, with her husband, five of the seven kids, a cat, and her daughter's cockatiel.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 122