Calvin's Secret

By Sandra Tugwell
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About the Book

Calvin is a curious little boy who just loves

to go on adventures—and his next one

just may be the most exciting one of all!

After his daddy gives him a small package to open, Calvin is surprised—and a bit confused—when he finds the package contains a small door. His daddy explains to him that it’s a door for gnomes, and that Calvin should put the door on the bottom of the oak tree in their yard to pretend it’s for the gnomes. But Calvin could have never imagined that a simple little door could open up a way for fairytales to come to life!

Calvin’s Secret is a fun tale that reminds us all that we’re never too old to use our imagination.

About the Author

Sandra Tugwell married her husband sixty years ago; they met each other in high school. After they graduated, she went to nursing school and he went off to college, but they maintained their relationship and when she graduated from nursing school, they married and eventually had two sons. Sandra worked as a nurse in hospitals for about 45 years and retired when she was 65.

After their children grew up, Sandra accidentally got into sewing when requested to make a square on a quilt to be given to her son and his wife as a wedding gift. She had to buy a sewing machine to do so, and this led to her getting into the world of machine embroidery. She’s now been doing it for twenty years and over time learned to do her own designs. She’s found it very gratifying to begin with only an idea and end up with something special.

Sandra has written and embroidered several short stories and poems for her grandchildren and Calvin’s Secret was supposed to be another, but it became too long to embroider the dialogue. After her husband retired, they moved to Sarasota, Florida, where they now live on Siesta Key, an island just off the Gulf Coast.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 34