Calming The Creative Chaos

By Karla K. Gavin
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Calming the Creative Chaos:

Quotes for Everyday Life

Calming the Creative Chaos: Quotes for Everyday Life is a collection of meaningful quotes that touch on a wide variety of life topics. We all have challenges at different times in our lives and we look for inspiration to overcome the obstacles we encounter. These quotes are presented in a month-by-month format with specific topics dedicated to each month. It is the author's hope that individuals will find several quotes that become their personal mantras to support them through the good and the challenging times, and that they can refer back to dates or months within the book and find a quote that fits their most difficult and special moments.

Sometimes in life, less is more. A few well-chosen words can have a greater impact on our lives than we may realize at the time we read them. Continue to believe and hope, and may the quotes presented here help you navigate your daily life from a place of calm and peace.

About the Author

Karla K. Gavin started collecting quotes at a very young age. They intrigued her with how much they said in so few words. Finding quotes became her hobby and then it became her dream to publish a quote book. She was fortunate to have excellent teachers and mentors throughout her life, and each of them had a saying or quote that provided meaning and direction for them.

Karla has worked in a variety of positions within higher education during her career, and she has used many quotes to prepare speeches, class presentations, or to emphasize a point within a conversation. If you knew her you would know that quotes are simply part of who she is. Spending time volunteering within the communities where she has lived has also been important to her. Karla has enjoyed serving as a 4-H leader, helping to plan and build a softball/baseball complex and running the concession stand, planting trees with the local tree board, and serving on a variety of committees within the local school district, to name a few. The most meaningful lessons she has learned have come from the time spent with her daughter, her son, and her nieces. No matter how difficult life is, they keep Karla grounded, always make her smile, and help her find her calm and peace among the chaos called life.

Published: 2021
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