California Wear

By Sil Stubb
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California Wear is the story of a single and beautiful woman named Gabby. She absolutely loves her job, but her personal life is in shambles. She is constantly making her work her life. She has no personal life. The future that she hopes for begins to look more like a distant and unachievable dream. Her workaholic lifestyle causes a fallout with her mom and her relationships with men go from one dead end to another. Will she ever make a stable life for herself with a permanent home and everlasting love? Will she reconcile with her mom?

About the Author

Sil Stubb has a daughter who is in kindergarten and she volunteers at her school. She also attends church every Sunday and volunteers there when she can. She enjoys writing and also keeping her own website with previews of stories she is working on. Sil also enjoys watching movies and reading in her free time. She is close to her family and her in-laws. Sil has a bachelor of arts in legal studies, an associate’s degree in applied science, and a degree in paralegal studies. She is also an Army National Guard Veteran.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 76