Cadhla: Only You

By Lynn Bernard
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Cadhla is a child psychologist working towards a new degree as a psychiatrist. She has been concentrating on her career for the last few years as a safe haven from the heartache of her fiancé’s infidelity. As she mends her heart she has looked deeper into her psyche to discern her desires, the fantasy that led her to the current status of her love life. She knows she has flaws that she has to identify and correct. No one is perfect, are they?

Cadhla starts her quest for more than three years to find someone who has character, self-assurance, and is gentle with a good sense of humor. He should come from a strong family background, she knows, with strong values from his parents.

Mack is looking for his next distraction. He never dates women who really are all about marriage and family. No, his dates, as he refers to them, are strong career-orientated women. He wants someone to go out to dinner, clubs, or just a good night physically and within a couple of months move on to the next distraction. The orbit around his world is fast paced and strenuous and he loves it!

Cadhla is caught in his revolution at first. But as she takes back control, Mack fights as he tries to keep his balance. When Mack enters her orbit, Cadhla is so different from the business career women Mack dates. She is beautiful, gentle, caring, and sensual. She understands and is interested in Mack instead of what he can provide for her. Dinners, clubs, and trinkets don’t interest her. In Cadhla’s orbit it is calm, fun, and peaceful; her revolution is at a slower pace, one where you have time to analyze what you want. But Mack has built up a barrier to his emotions, and she is forcing him to look over that wall. Will they, like Cupid and Psyche, overcome these obstacles, or will it end up as a tragedy?

About the Author

Lynn Bernard has a proclivity for romance. The path there to the happy ending will be and can be strewn with many obstacles. Lynn provides the chart through the mind-provoking obstacles of the human psyche that may lead to an honest examination of what people really desire: the gentle, loving side that we are all capable of sharing.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 180