Buying Cars For Really Smart People

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From Advance Preparation To Negotiating A Great Deal, To Surviving Finance and Insurance, This Book Is A Simple Car Buying Guide For Everyone.

By: Jeffrey G. Yonek, J.D

Knowledge is power, and knowing how auto dealerships make their money can help you save money negotiating a great deal on your next vehicle purchase. With potentially thousands to gain or lose, Buying Cars for Really Smart People is a simple guide for anyone who wants to save money when buying their next new/used car or truck. 

Based on the author’s own unique and vast car buying experience, this handy how-to guide provides buyers with an intuitive perspective on how to navigate the negotiating process, along with surviving finance and insurance, when signing the final paperwork.

About the Author

Jeffrey G. Yonek, J.D., has practiced law as a litigator for more than 30 years. He attended the University of Washington for his undergraduate studies, where he received a political science degree, and graduated from Creighton School of Law. 

Mr.Yonek lives with his family in Olympia, Washington. He has four children and six grandkids. His hobbies include collecting and working on classic cars, and collecting and reading classic books. He has traveled to Juarez, Mexico on numerous mission trips over the past decade.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 40