But I Did Tell: Story Of Survival

By Omaira
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Zemirahas has been through hell. That hell has made her stronger and independent at an early age. After not telling anyone about her abuse or seeking help when younger, she is selective on who knows. Even then, they don’t believe her. Zemira vowed that she would never let anyone hurt her again, until she found herself facing her mother’s boyfriend.

Finding help seemed impossible, until she met that one person who is in her corner, providing her a safe space and trust. But is that person real or a figment of her imagination? Will she be able to survive another abusive encounter? What seems like a lifetime of secrets, truths, and lies has made her who she is… her will to survive will determine her fate.

About the Author

Omaira lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her husband. She obtained her MBA from the University of Phoenix and works in the healthcare industry. She loves spending time with her children and grandchildren. Her hobbies include reading (anything and everything), writing, camping—or rather glamping—and vacationing in Jamaica whenever possible. 

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 246