Buried Treasures

By Al Lauer
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Spirituality, war, and love-these are three of the most complex and widely discussed concepts in the human language. With bold and personal conviction, Al Lauer tackles each one in his book of poetry, Buried Treasures. In it he encourages readers to take a look at the world in which we live and work to make it better by believing in Jesus, cherishing the power of love, and striving to end war. In the last section, he draws from childhood experiences to celebrate family, friendship, and "the good old days." Sometimes dedicating specific poems to certain people in his life, Lauer crafts poems easily accessible to many readers of different backgrounds and experiences with his vivid imagery and captivating rhythm in Buried Treasures.

About the Author

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Al Lauer is retired from more than thirty-two years in retail sales. He has one daughter, Desiree Ann Lauer. His experiences in Vietnam inspired him to write these poems "as an outlet to purge myself of inner pressures." In addition to writing, he also enjoys playing the piano and keyboard, composing song lyrics, and art.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 76