Build A Bridge And Get Over It

By Evelyn Faye Haynes
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Build a Bridge and Get Over It

Build a Bridge and Get Over It is a deeply personal story that shares the authors journey from victim to victor as she sought to build a life for herself and her family.

From her childhood struggles through an early marriage, divorce, single parenthood, and remarriage, Ms. Haynes has confronted obstacles with a strong sense of determination and profound faith. Here she shares her insights, reflections, and even her mistakes with the same unflinching and purposeful honesty.

For any woman who has been tempted to feel sorry for herself and allow circumstances to overwhelm her, Ms. Haynes gentle wisdom and the story of her personal experiences in Build a Bridge and Get Over It is sure to offer encouragement and a fresh perspective.

Evelyn Faye Haynes resides in Texas with her husband, Charles. Together they have raised four children, and Ms. Haynes is the owner and director of Happy Face Day Care Center. A member of One Way Baptist Church, she enjoys a diverse range of interests, including music, movies, Tyler Perry movies, writing, conversation, and decorating.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 76