Buddy Hawk: Story Of Buddy Hawk

By Robert Lispi
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The circle of life is a constant in nature, and Buddy Hawk provides a peek into the lives of one family of peregrine hawks perched high on a mountain ledge. Buddy and his sisters, Helen and Henrietta, hatch from their eggs as ugly, featherless, blind creatures, but constant feedings from their parents help them grow. Their security is threatened, however, when Buddy gets cocky in his desire to fly and tumbles from their nesting ledge. Stranded far below with no one to care for him, will Buddy survive on his own and follow in the ways of male peregrines, seeking a mate of his own? As the story of Buddy and his family unfolds, Robert Lispi delivers a wealth of information on peregrine hawks in an easy-to-grasp manner for young readers. From the parents courting rituals to Buddys first attempt at flight, youll learn many details of the hawks existence, including gender differences, eating habits, and general behavior, in this lively tale of peregrine living.

About the Author

Robert Lispi is a retired probation officer and marriage, family, and child counselor. A husband and father of three, he is a Korean War veteran and performs volunteer work for numerous community groups. He enjoys reading, drawing and painting, and playing bridge.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32