Broken To Be Unbroken

By Heidi Thompson
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Partially based on the author’s own experiences, Broken to be Unbroken tells the story of Sasha, a young woman who has a complicated relationship with her family and often feels misunderstood and outcast. After finding out she is pregnant, Sasha reluctantly tells her overbearing mother about her problem. Instead of providing Sasha the love and understanding she so desperately needs, her mother sends her away to a home for girls who also have a similar “problem.”

Once Sasha becomes an adult, she moves out of her mother’s cold house and makes a name for herself in a new city, feeling proud of herself for becoming independent. However, her new life is missing something—love. Sasha believes she may have found it in Chuck, a wealthy, charismatic man, but she is soon to find out that he comes with his own hidden baggage.

About the Author

Heidi Thompson is a loving mother and wife. She has dreams of one day turning her books into a play or film. She also has a passion for cooking, traveling, and learning new things.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 50