Broken Lenses

By Tequila Rose
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About the Book

Broken Lenses by Tequila Rose is a culmination of an eleven-year journey that is not yet complete. It is a book of poetry that the author has written to heal when she noticed that her life was lacking in many areas due to abuse suffered when she was a child and as a young adult. There were many days of highs and lows in her life; there still are. The author, through this work, has discovered more about herself and her inconsistent and negative God-view. God has turned her life into a more hopeful journey, not just through herself, but after years of counseling with a trusted pastor in the church. These poems are unique to her life and her own quest for healing. It is eleven years of tears, fears, wondering, wandering, getting stuck, being unstuck, and learning that there is a better way to live. The author hopes her experiences will lead others who may be on the same path to get help from a trusted individual who will show them unconditional, non-sexual love.

About the Author

Having worked in a number of social services situations, Tequila Rose was led to believe that life was always rough. The anger she felt was eating her alive, and she needed to change something in her life. She joined a “process group”, learning to lean into others and to let go of some of her anger. She also began attending counseling as part of her church’s ministry school. Her poetry has become her outlet after attending counseling sessions in order to work through her more difficult thoughts.

Tequila Rose is currently the leader of a Dream Team at her church, leading a group of beautiful souls. She is also a leader in the church’s Prayer Team ministry, as well as a leader in the church’s Events ministry. She was a previous coach of girl’s and boy’s t-ball, a Cub Scout leader, a second and third grade Sunday School teacher, active in the choir, and a previous member of the church’s drama club. She is currently a leader for the Hospitality Dream Team and the Sunday Prayer Team at the church she attends.

Tequila Rose is an extensive traveler, but she was born in a very small, rural town. She currently resides in the Kansas City, MO area, where there is no better place for real BBQ! She comes from a very large family of twelve brothers and sisters, and she herself has two beautiful children.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 136