Broken Dolls

By Patricia A. Blue
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A disagreement between Madison and her parents and a fateful trip to the mall leaves Madison clinging to life and her family clinging to hope. As she lies in the hospital, powerless and lifeless, a divine veil covers her, bringing with it colorful scenes from her life.

With the dolls Madison bought as Christmas gifts for her niece and nephew symbolizing her parents, her dreams begin to retell family stories that highlight the importance of upholding and cherishing love, courage, kindness, strength, and humor. These divine snapshots of her life provide Madison with life-changing revelations that ultimately transform her destiny.

Broken Dolls is about believing in the Divine power, even in times when we feel the most powerless. His intuitive power sustains us until we heal, allowing us to help ourselves and others. Through divine intervention, we are reminded of the value of love and affection for those in our lives.

About the Author

Patricia A. Blue lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She was born in Rye, Portchester, New York, and grew up on Long Island, Medford, New York. She is a small business owner and an Independent Beauty consultant, Mary Kay, Inc. Patricia’s inspiration to write her first book came from wanting to give honor and recognition to her hero and heoress. Creatively, she used the metaphor of two playful dolls to ‘show and tell’ stories (based on real events) to a young college student in a life or death situation. The stories reveal a power source within designed with high quality gems, which are traits from her parents’ characters. Patricia’s admiration for her parents contributes to her accomplishments and success. Patricia was an accepted member in The Covington Who’s Who, Executives and Professionals (2008). She was profiled in The Covington Who’s Who Executives and Professionals 2012 Registry. She is one of the four founders of the Suffolk Complex Toastmasters Club, at the Joint Warfighting Center, Suffolk. She was a member and Bronze Sponsor, The Global TCE Career & Business Network and Bronze Sponsor, 2012-2013. She is a member of ‘The Future Billionaire’s Club,’ Virginia Beach, Virginia, which serves the purpose to build strong business relationships in the community, and supports The Compassion Advocacy Network Organization, charities. Patricia has been a supporter of the Museum of Contemporary Art, (MOCA). She is a supporter of the Virginia Opera Guild. Patricia was married twenty-seven years to Joseph and divorced. She retired, after thirty-four years, civil service career in Financial and Program Analyst’s positions in DOD government agencies.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 140