Broke And Going To Mars

By Allen Newman
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USA-Future police state or social state

About the Book

Broke and Going to Mars demonstrates the ways in which we must, as a nation, save America from financial default. The United States is currently at $20,000,000,000,000 of debt – which is well past what many economists consider default territory. Allen Newman strongly believes our politicians need to address this issue. He shows why voters need to know what is at stake: saving the American Empire of Good and Plenty, maintaining a big military, or saving their American retirement dream and social programs. Newman’s belief that what to save and what to cut should be the people’s decision (as our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people) is based on his research on the history of nations and empires and how they rose and fell, as well as recent studies by economists on the nature of debt such as the novel, White House Burning.

As depicted in Broke and Going to Mars, in order to prevent America from becoming a military/police state or social state, voters must be involved. Newman hopes that readers will understand the magnitude of the issues of our national debt and raise awareness in their homes, communities, and country as a whole.

About the Author

Allen Newman is a graduate of Ferris State College in Big Rapids, Michigan, with a degree in data processing. He currently resides in Hartland, Michigan, after retiring in 2009. A student of history, Newman has read extensively on the Civil War, the American West, and generally all things American along with the history of Medieval Europe and the Roman Empire.

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