Britain Is Not Soft Touch

By Layla Egal
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Layla Egals Britain Is Not Soft Touch tells the tale of a brave young womans flight from her homeland of Somalia to the UK in an effort to escape the dangers of a civil war in her country. One would think this would be an easy transition, however, youd be wrong. This was, indeed, not only difficult from a physical and material standpoint, but perhaps even more so from a mental and emotional perspective.

The author paints a detailed picture of her experiences from her arrival in 2002 to the final brushstroke of real freedom in June of 2008. Imagine leaving everyone and everything you know and love behind and being forced to make your way in a strange land completely alone. Over time, she connected with others who were in the same situationseeking asylum in a foreign land. This work is complete with the bright colors of kindness and empathy, but also with the dark tones of racism and discrimination. Who would have thought that the path through bureaucracy would include such high peaks and low valleys?

Layla Egal is a native of Somalia, now residing in Sunderland, England as a British citizen.

She attended high school in Somalia and received certificates in English and ITC at Bede College in Sunderland in 2002-2003. She went on to study social work at Bede College in 2003-2004 and received a BA Honors degree in Health and Social Care from the University of Sunderland.

Ms. Egal currently works for the British Red Cross and is involved with the Council for Voluntary Service. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, walking, and socializing with friends.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 108