Bring On The Pain

By Swift Smith
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Taunt, suspenseful, gripping, and realistically gritty, Swift Smiths Bring on the Pain is a heart-wrenching nightmare ripped straight from todays headlines. When Paul Hogan comes home after a hard days work and finds his family brutally murdered, something deep within him snaps for good. This was a man who had gathered the bodies of his family for a proper burial on one day, and the very next day found himself a changed being full of hate and extreme evil. It will take an unusual man to track and catch him as he goes on his deadly spree, one whom he attempts to drag into his world of pain, heartbreak, and hate. In inviting his alter ego to Bring on the Pain, Paul Hogan does not yet know it, but he has met his match or has he?

About the Author

A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Swift Smith and his wife, Vicke, now reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, with their two children, Jasmine and Jaleen. A material technician for Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning, in his spare time James enjoys football, basketball, swimming, pool, and weightlifting.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 156