Brilliant Disguises: Antique Love Songs For The Boss: 1978-1995

By Ms. Jennifer Jazz
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Brilliant Disguises: Antique Love Songs for The Boss: 1978-1995

Brilliant Disguises: Antique Love Songs for the Boss: 1978-1995 was written by a single mother who had a baby and was growing up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The music that was created at that particular time has never been replicated. It will never be duplicated. The artists who painted these visions gave their lives for the music. Some gave all—in the music world, too, not just on the battlefield. Their lyrics are handed down to generation after generation.

Brilliant Disguises: Antique Love Songs for the Boss: 1978-1995 was part of that creative time in the United States. Ms. Jennifer Jazz carried her notebook around for 30 years, and this is what she was doing.

About the Author

Today Ms. Jennifer Jazz works as a guest teacher for her public school system, covering all grades, and she has been in and taught in every school they have. She has found that 2nd-graders are brilliant! And high school, rather than being frightening or overwhelming, is like a day at Yale or Harvard. She is especially interested in witnessing the changes now occurring in our culture and throughout the world. That people might finally find a common ground together is her greatest hope for the future.

Jennifer comes from a wonderful, large family, where her grandparents founded Our Savior Lutheran Church in Norwood Park, Illinois; She moved to Atlanta, Georgia, at age 3 and grew up in the Atlanta metro area. She had horses, cows, dogs and cats, some fish, and she never had a care in the world. Professionally she was a writer; she wanted to write and that inspiration took over her whole vision as she matured—or, failed to mature! Jennifer took piano all of her school years and fell in love with the music of her time. Her songs and poems paint a picture of her experiences in hotrods, going to football games, and The Varsity on weekends.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 400