Bright Stories And Little Literature For Children

By John H. Headstream
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This charming little uvre delicately encapsulates the joy and carefree nature of a long-lost childhood. This is not poetry to be analyzed, this is poetry to be read aloud, preferably to a child or grandchild. This is poetry unbound, cavorting and running through the fields with its hair let down. The sparkling flow of verse is almost Dadaist in its twists and turns, leaping from one facet to another, unconstrained by rules and conventions. Upon occasion a darker note creeps in, but only for a moment before the natural joie de vivre of the writer returns us to sunnier prospects. The delight of childhood and the joy of an untarnished, not yet cynical outlook shines through these pages for all to see. Enjoy!

About the Author

John Headstream is in love with language. Young and single, as yet, he makes his home in West Texas, near the old cattle town of Abilene, where he enjoys the sense of history that highlights the finest traditions of Texas. He is determined to make his mark as a writer, and that has become his overwhelming preoccupation. We wish him well, and hope that this slim volume marks the beginning of a promising career.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 66