Bridge Falsework, Concrete Formwork, And Practical Earth Shoring

By William E. Hubbard
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Bridge Falsework, Concrete Formwork, and Practical Earth Shoring describes how to build bridges. The book is interesting to engineers trying to learn how to build bridges, and the relevant message is that the information within will present economical methods of performing the work necessary to build a bridge. The author does not believe there is another text that covers this topic, and it answers the questions that arise when designing bridge falsework and associated work. The author hopes the reader will be able to design economical falsework and earth shoring after reading this book.

About the Author

William E. Hubbard's hobbies were abalone diving and spear fishing in the summer, skiing in the winter, and his current interest is getting his book published. He developed the method of falsework construction that is currently being used in California. Only one company is successfully implementing Hubbard's methods at this time. He does not like seeing taxpayers' money being wasted. When Hubbard began designing falsework, his employer told him to copy the work of the principal bridge builders of the time. After a few bridges, Hubbard began to improve on the designs and greatly economized bridge construction. A few engineers have acknowledged this. They have all retired by now. Most engineers see the obvious details but miss the fine points. His book points out the economics of the designs that are often overlooked.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 202