Breaking The Chains

By Sonja Rongstad
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Saying Sonja Rongstad has had a rough journey through her life is an understatement.

Her grandfather, Granville Rongstad, had twenty-seven known children. They were all severely abused, physically, mentally, and sexually. His wife, Sonja’s grandmother, was basically his slave. Similarly, Sonja’s own father unfortunately followed in his father’s footsteps, abusing Sonja for as long as she can remember.

A series of short, abusive relationships with men also followed Sonja all through her adulthood.

But through it all, her faith in God never wavered.

Breaking the Chains is Sonja’s life journey, trying to overcome the abuse and find happiness in an otherwise dark and hopeless world. We learn that we may never forget our past, but we can learn to leave it there.

About the Author

Sonja Rongstad owns a few businesses in her home state of Florida. She has two sons and a granddaughter. Sonja considers herself blessed to have broken the chains to save her children so they can know normalcy in their lives.

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Published: 2018
Page Count: 144

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Donovan Brannen
Breaking the chains

Amazing awesome book..