Boyduck Goose: His Life And Times: Book Iii: Cratis, The Hippo, Makes Us Swear

By Harriet Lila Baker
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The adventures of Boyduck Goose on Windchimes and Honeybee Farms continue as he pursues his dream of instituting an interspecies medical school. To achieve his goal, he convinces the city zoo that two ornery female hippos, Peaches and Bubbles, need a husband in the form of one Cratis, the Hippo, a world-renowned, medical doctor animal. In the course of fulfilling his goal, Boyduck, as usual, nearly manages to land himself, his flock, and his family in a peck of trouble. Despite the obstacles, though, he proceeds with aplomb, holding his beak high, offering opinions and observations on anything and everything to everyone, and providing a hilarious running commentary on the world in which he lives and reigns as the First Goose!

About the Author

Harriet Lila Baker is a retired schoolteacher whose specialty areas included special education, reading specialist, and elementary education. Her interests include horses, dog breeding, tennis, swimming, and of course, writing and reading poetry and prose. She and her husband have raised two children. The first two books of this series are also available from Dorrance Publishing, Co., Inc.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 46