Boyduck Goose: His Life And Times: Book Ii: A Tale Of Proper Gander

By Harriet Lila Baker
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Boyduck Goose is at it again getting himself (and his flock and family and friends) into a peck of trouble! When two unexpected heroes save his life one a natural enemy, the fox, and the other a natural prey, the frog he learns a valuable lesson about getting along with Mother Nature. In the process, his dear friend Proper Gander offers support for Boyducks idea of setting up an animal medical school for all animal species. Now all Boyduck needs to do is convince the others that it can be done. Meanwhile, his wife and offspring think his experience has warped his mind, and the neighboring cows are out to impeach him as president of Windchimes and Honeybee farms for some imagined slight. Its rollicking good times as Boyduck once again gets into scrapes, only to escape by a pin feather!

About the Author

Harriet Lila Baker is a retired schoolteacher whose specialty areas included special education, reading specialist, and elementary education. Her interests include horses, dog breeding, tennis, swimming, and of course, writing and reading poetry and prose. She and her husband have raised two children. The first book of the series, My Name is Boyduck and This Is My Story, is also available from Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 54